Fast & Easy Chinese Corn Soup

corn soup
We are continuing our soup adventure from the previous post, healing soup. When making chinese vegetarian soup, it is all about the vegetable combination and the sequence you put the vegetables in. It is just that simple, most of the soups don’t require any stir frying, so you can have all your vegetables of in a pot. That’s a lot of nutrient and a lot less washing then other dishes. I’m going to share with you another easy to make soup. It is so simple that even if you have not cook before, you can still make this soup without hiccups. 

Fast & Easy Chinese Corn Soup

Serving Size: 2


5-6 leaves of napa cabbage

1 corn, cut into 5 portions

9-10 strands of cordyceps millitaris

6-7 red dates

1 head of broccoli, slice the stalk and cut the florets into desired size

Enough water to cover the vegetables

4-5 tablespoon of nutritional yeast or vegetable-based stock/seasoning

1 tablespoon oil

Salt to taste


  1. Add cabbage, corn, cordyceps militaris, red dates and the stalk of the broccoli into a pot that isuitable for cooking 2-3 portions of servings
  2. Add water to cover the vegetables
  3. Add nutritional yeast or stock and cook over high heat
  4. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat down so as to allow the soup to simmer
  5. Add the oil
  6. Let the soup simmer for 15-20 minutes, depending on the desired texture of the corn
  7. Add florets into the soup and turn up the heat to boil up to 5 minutes, again depending on the softness you wish to achieve with the broccoli
  8. Add salt


Broccoli is good for your health. It is high in fiber, vitamin C, phytochemicals and antioxidants. It helps to reduce cholesterol, aids in heart health, aids in digestion and is anti-inflammatory. Just take note to lightly cook your broccoli so that it will retain most of the nutrients.

I actually did not add salt to my soup because I prefer to taste the mild sweetness of the soup. So if you are trying to reduce your salt intake, skip the salt.

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