5 yoga asanas to improve your belly dance techniques – Part 2

belly danceLast week, we talk about the first 2 asanas that will help you to improve your dance techniques. Today, we are going to jump right in to share 3 more asanas that you can add to your practice.


3. Standing half forward bend. Ardha uttanasana.

Target area: Hamstring, back, arm

half forward bend Your starting position will be a full forward bend.
Ground through your feet. Inhale, lengthen your spine.
Exhale, move slightly deeper into your forward bend.
Inhale, raise your arms and back into ardha uttanasa, while maintaining the stretch in your spine.
Your back will slightly resemble a back bend but there should not be an exaggerated arch in the lower back. If there is an exaggerate arch, adjust yourself by bending you knees or extending out further.
Inhale, come into a standing position while maintaining the stretch of the spine and arms.
Exhale, lower your arms to the side.


4. Side plank. Vasisthasana

Target area: Core, obliques, arm.

side plank

Your starting position will be a downward facing dog.
Exhale, feel yourself grounding through your hands and feet.
Exhale, feel yourself shifting the weight to your left, while remaining in downward facing dog.
Inhale, lift off to a side plank. Feel the openness in the chest region while grounding yourself on your left hand and feet.
Exhale, move back into a downward facing dog or a child pose.

5. Chair pose. Utkatasana.

Target area: The whole body

half squat

All yoga postures require the coordination of the whole body, but in the chair pose, you will feel your muscles working very strongly. Since this posture puts a lot of pressure on the knee and requires a lot of back strength, it is not advisable to try this if you have weak knee and back.
Your starting position will be standing position.
Inhale, raise your arms above your head.
Exhale, lower yourself to chair pose pose. Lift your tummy and chest away from your thighs, while again, making sure that your lower back is not arch in an exaggerated way.
Inhale, rotate your elbows outward to open up your upper back.
Exhale, if you like to you can go into a deeper squat. But make sure that the back is still held upright without any exaggerated arches.
Inhale, come back up to the standing position.


In yoga asana practices, there are actually many different ways to move in and out of the asanas. Over here, I have given you the easiest and safest way to perform the asanas described in this series for belly dancers. If you wish to learn to go deeper into your practice, it is advisable to consult a qualified teacher for guidance and correction.

Other than that, practice, cross train, persevere and see how your performance improve at a quicker rate.

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